Project Anamnesis

Welcome to the 'anamnesis' project and website. Basically, 'anamnesis' is nothing more than a way for me to reflect back on my travels and share this with whoever is interested.


Due to other priorities, these being my two year assignment in the DRC Congo for the Damien Foundation, the “anamnesis” website is still largely under construction.
However, you will already find data and pictures in the “Books”, “Stories”, and “Thoughts” sections for my trips to Nepal and the Caucasus. Yemen is due to follow soon, and Chile will be a bit later.


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Some years ago I decided to stop taking pictures during travels. This was because looking back at them, I felt my memories were more closely linked to the picture itself than to the real life experience. However, I happened to reconsider this when I started travelling alone, back in 2003. I realized that I kept very few memories of my most recent travels like Poland or Slovakia, and came to the conclusion that something was needed as a support to help remember. Also, I confess I do like photography and as I travel alone it can in someway be part of the trip's goal.

The real goal of any of my recent travels though was to discover and meet other cultures, learn about different ways to apprehend life, and put our selfish western society into perspective.

So that I can't possibly forget what I learned, I created some photo books and this website. The time needed for this after every trip did effectivelly enable me to keep on reflecting back for months after coming back.

PS: for a full definition of anamnesis (from the Greek “reminiscence”, or “recollection”) and its meaning to Plato, refer to wikipedia.