Kingdom of Nepal

Settled on the edge of the world's highest peaks, the Himalayan monarchy of Nepal is fascinating in many aspects.
The harsh environment provides one of the most impressive sceneries one could picture. The population is composed of countless ethnic groups including the well known Sherpa's, but also the Newari, who are responsible for the amazing architecture that can be found in Kathmandu valley. All have their specific traditions and customs, but all are also peaceful and friendly.
What makes Nepal special also, is its position at the crossroads of two major religions. While being the cradle of Buddhism, the official religion is Hinduism.

However, despite its unrivalled tourist potential, despite its strategic position between two giant emerging economies, Nepal remains one of the poorest countries on earth. The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is devastated by dictatorship, war, abductions, soldier children, unemployment, poverty, hunger,…
This war is political, and benefits no one. It's not ethnic, it's not religious, it may even not be revolutionary. It is just a war against power, dictatorship, and poverty. Nepalese are peaceful people and demand nothing more than development, and democracy. They're not involved in the war, they just endure it.

May the future offer some brighter perspective, may the opposition, the Maoist rebels, and the monarchists seek peace matching the best interest of all Nepalese citizens.

May all citizens, including refugees, have access to a proper life condition.

May peace prevail on earth.

michael van overstraeten, March 2005